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Friday, August 19, 2005

I have been wanting to write about this for a week now. I just don't know how to without it being all jumbled. So I decided the kids are sleeping, the laundry is going and I have time to think,write,rewrite,backspace,write and so on...........

In todays world you can't be too careful

Last week one nieghbor noticed a police car parked on our street. The next evening she had asked us if we knew what was going on but we didn't have a clue. Hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary.
So last friday night we(nieghbors) were all out front just hanging,talking and letting the kids play. One of the other nieghbors (has two teenagers) decided to make a late appearance at our little block party (which happen almost weekly). So I,being nosey , asked if she knew since the police car was parked across the street from her house. She knew, the police were at her house. And her story goes like this.....
12:30 AM her 16 y/o son (C) gets home. Her husband thats out of town calls and she hangs up with him. She hears the front door and assumes its C going out to his truck to get something he forgot. So she waits about 5 minutes and doesn't hear the door again . She gets up,door unlocked, opens it and calls for C. She doesn't get an answer so she goes to his room to find him fast asleep. Decides to check on her 14 year old daughter(K) and shes not there.
Wakes C up and tells him to get dressed and grab a flashlight, K is gone. They search the nighborhood on foot thinking she left on foot. Couldn't find her so she gets in her truck and drives around the major streets and still no signs of K. Goes back home and calls their dad,not her husband. And then she calls the police.
Her mom then decides to go through her room, all her clothes,jewelry and what not are still there. She gets on her computer to find an IM between her and this guy.
K got picked up by a 25 year old that she met on the internet.
So my nieghbor and her ex take turns being parked at the end of our street where the road widens but doesn't go anywhere. Its dark and perfect for not being noticed. They were planning on geting the plates of the car that would bring her home.
6am comes around and K's dad is parked and notices her walking down the street.
This guy just dumped her blocks away from home and she had to walk.
So fast foward to this week. K confessed that they did have intercourse.They have the guys real name and address. The detectives are investigating............

You can't be too careful. I feel so bad for my nieghbor. JJ will be 14 in 5 years. Thats going to be here before I know it.
I was talking with my other nieghbor and it sickens me, makes me physically ill. This 25 year old is somebodys son. I have 3 sons and I can't imagine if one of them did something like this as a grown adult.

I hope they catch this perverted bastard.

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