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Thursday, August 25, 2005

And we wonder why the youth of today is the way it is.........

My ever so responsible daughter lost one sheet of homework. I got everyone in the truck to drive the half a block to her school. Yes, I drove a half a block because 1~ I am still in my pajamas 2~ Wy has a fever 3~ Its over 100 degrees outside 4~Couldn't find Wys sandals 5~I didn't want her walking by herself after the crowds of people had vanished.
So she gets a copy of her homework and we are walking back to the truck. Yes, I went in the school in my pajamas(well, I did put some shorts on),no make up and hair unkept but I refuse to walk to the school in my pajamas. (is anyone understanding how my screwed up mind works?) Theres a truck parked in the loading zone and I notice cigarette smoke coming out of the cracked window. The window is then rolled down a bit more and this mother flicks her still lit,half smoked cigarette out onto the sidewalk where students are still walking about.
So me being the loud outspoken person I am said loud enoough for her to hear "thats real responsible, throw your lit cigarette out where a child could pick it up and either smoke it or get burned from it." She rolls the window all the way down and says~~ are you ready for this?
"as long as it ain't my kid who gives a fuck?"
I then realized she wasn't worth the effort. I went over,smashed her cigarette with my shoe and threw it the trash that was 2 feet away.

Back to the homework, she had it. She found the original copy stuck between her two folders. I told you shes responsible *wink*

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