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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I am a people watcher

I love to watch people. We are fascinating creatures. We are all so different yet we are a lot alike.
At the gym today I chuckled as I thought of a commercial. You know the one where people have shirts on with sayings such as Lose baby wieght...Bench 350 lbs...Fit into that little black dress.
I started assigning everyone little sayings like~ I eat too much junk food...Just relieving stress...I'm only hear because she made me come...I'm just here pretending to look cool and pick up chics...I'm a dork and wear a jean skirt to the gym...Maybe if I talk on my cell long enough I won't have to work out..How do you work these machines anyways...
I then started to think of what my shirt should say. I came up with Can't say no to treats... Couldn't come up with anything better or more witty. How sad is that? Maybe it should say Mom of 4 getting peace and relieving stress

So what would your shirt say if I saw you at the gym?

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