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Monday, August 22, 2005

A game that I really didn't want to play

I have seen it around and avoided it but Jamie was doing it. And I had to comment on hers.

1) Comment and I’ll respond with something random about you. I’ll respond in comments so you’ll have to check back.
2) I’ll tell you what song or movie reminds me of you.
3) I’ll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4) I’ll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5) I’ll tell you my first memory of you.
6) I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7) I’ll ask you something I’ve always wondered about you.
8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog. You MUST. It is written.

And here are the answers she had about me :)
1)something random about you: love feet photos!
2)song or movie reminds me of you: Kenny Anything
3)color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in: Do they make purple?
4)something that only makes sense to you and me: think of the frog emote
5)first memory of you: playing at the park in San Diego
6)animal you remind me of: crab LOL just becasue I know you dont like fur
7)something I’ve always wondered about you: if you’d ever see me again (that’s all I could think of!)
A~I hope so, somewhere down the road :)

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