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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A little of this,some of that and a dash of rant

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I do not feel 30, i mean 31.
My new banner was made by Trisha Thank you sweets!! I love it.

I recieved three birthday calls today :) That was one more than expected. My dear best friend called me today. She wanted me to post a pic of my burb (gas hogging,seating 8,ruining the world suburban) <---thats for tj *wink*, I couldn't resist. So here it is Jen. I miss you girl!click on it to make it bigger :)


Walked out tonight and saw this

Okay, I have noticed the commercials but didn't think that the cars really loked like this. I was laughing, not sure why. I just found it funny that my nieghbors had the geek squad at their house. The kids asked me why i was laughing so I told them and JJ was confused. G chimed in with "you know when that lady screams and those cars come flying down from the sky" And this from a TIVO family that doesn't watch commercials.

Back to school was tonight and I was annoyed by the kids that did come. I left my 3 older ones with the nieghbor. But there were 4 or 5 kids there and they were all loud. The teacher was talking to us parents about important matters and these kids were so distracting. It took all I had not to tell those kids to be quiet. Not sure why the teacher didn't say anything. Maybe she was waiting for the parents to say or do something. I don't know. It was really annoying. Theres a time and place for play. Back to school night while the teacher is talking is not the time.
I just don't understand how parents can sit back and not parent their children. Those children were being very disrespectful. They are only 5 so of course this doesn't matter to them. All they know is they were having fun. SO HELLO Parents, thats when you jump in, clock in,get a clue,something, anything and teach them how to be respectful.

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