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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The shaved head lives

When we got home last night after running to get starbucks Mr. Fun was home. And to my delight, his head was shaved. Oh how I love a shaved head. Nothing sexier than a shaved head. He has had hair way too long.
I asked him how it was and being the sweetheart he is he said it was okay. JUST OKAY??? Is he crazy? Said they only played for an hour and didn't seem overly excited about the awesome time he had just had. I know hes just saying this because he knows I was bummed out.

Good news~~ I am all better. Mr. Fun talked me into going to the gym this morning. I wanted to bail because I didn't get much sleep last night. Yes, thats 8 nights in a row now. Not that I am counting or anything. So I put my coffee on hold, changed and out the door I ran after kissing everyone goodbye. I was free! Just me, windows down, music loud and a water bottle for a microphone. Then came the 50 minute workout and some people watching. Today i saw some interesting characters. The old guy with the oxygen tank walking on the treadmill was among them. What an inspiration. Heres this guy,in his 70's at least, carrying his portable oxygen tank working out. It wasn't a heavy workout but a workout. I hope to still be doing this when I'm 70 and older.

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