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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another night out with nieghbors

I love how the nieghbors just start to wander down one by one on the weekends. We sit outside,chat,watch the kids play and slowly become closer.

Last nights stories included renting a modem costing one over one thousands dollars before they got smart and bought their own. Lots of television talk. One nieghbor just bought a HD TV and the other is in the market. I used to think TV was TV. But then I saw baseball in HD. I am hear to tell you, TV is not just TV. HDTV rocks.

The kids noticed a rat,yes, A RAT!!!! This rodent was making its way up the gutter.
we told the kids to get away. One nieghbor grabbed a plastic bat, went to whack the rat and it broke. Snapping it in half and the top came flinging back up towards his head hitting him right in the lip. Now thats entertainment. We didn't catch the rat. I hate rats. Hopefully he went on his way back out to the open desert somewhere.

I ran out of pullups for Wy two nights ago. I forgot all about it untill he fell asleep in dads lap outside. So the same nieghbor offered up his little girls pullups. Yes, they were pink and had princesses with bows on them. But Wy doesn't always make it through the night.It was 10pm already so I accepted the offer and Wy wore princess pullups to bed. Turns out, he stayed dry all night. Go figure. When he awoke this morning I waited for him to notice just exactly what he had on.
His face squished up, his lips became pouty and tears filled his eyes. The poor kid was so sad that he had girl pullups on. I quickly ripped them off and put very boyish baseball undies on. Hopefully hes forgotten all about it now.

My parents were also in town this weekend so it made last night even sweeter. The kids were spoiled with slurpees and donuts. Two things this mom and dad don't buy them but once in a VERY great while.
Sharing just a few pictures from the weekend.

Getting to know Grandma

Chocolate treats

he doesn't have his glasses on here because he had gotten this chocolate treat all over them

Digging in the sand together

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