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Thursday, September 01, 2005

13 Super Sweet Morsels about Mrs. Fun

1.I am tired
2. I drink way too much coffee and diet soda and not enough water
3.My mom is coming for a visit this weekend. I am keeping it a secret from the kids
4. I am super excited for the new fall season of TV to start
5.I haven't been to the gym because of my sick children and its making me cranky
6. I didn't get a birthday cake and i was disappointed
7. I wish people would stop complaining about the price of gas and look at the bigger picture.
8. I don't watch the news because the newscasters here bug the crap out of me
9. I wish i had more time to play with the features on my camera
10. I really should be cleaning instead of doing this
11.My biggest pet peeve is a wet towels being left on the carpet
12. I didn't sleep all but a few hours last night
13.I suck at playing tooth fairy and make up great stories of why she didn't come.
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