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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yum, tomato soup

Don't we all love help from a 3 year old. Especially while grocery shopping. Thier little hands doing the work of an adult size hand. So cute to watch UNTILL they reach for the produce. They can't reach the top so they go for the closet tomato they can grasp. And we soon have tomatoes rolling under little feet. So what is a 3 year olds first instinct when theres tomatos on the ground? To step on as many as they can, of course. And mom doesn't realize what he is doing because she has her back turned trying to pick up as many tomatoes as she can before too many people notice. So now we have tomato soup.
So, to the employees at Henry's that had to clean up the tomato soup, I apologize. My mischievous little boy has promised to never touch the produce without help again.

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