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Monday, September 05, 2005

Technology has passed me by

I wanted a bigger memory stick for my camera. So while on vacation in San Diego I bought my first. I put it in and to my horror, a dinging sound with an error message. It must be the stick, so i take it back. I buy another one, the same size and get the same horrible dinging noise and error message. I take that one back. Fast foward to Saturday. Costco has a 512mg stick. Mr. Fun buys it. And again the dinging. I just want to pull my hair out.
Instead I got online and realized after looking on ebay that my sticks say media and all the new ones say PRO or PRO media. That leads me to That is where i found out my 2002 camera is no longer worthy of the technology of today. I am stuck in the stone ages with only two 64 mg memory sticks and a 128 mg stick floating around somewhere in the Fun house.
Many thoughts of a new camera are dancing around in my head. I have a few that I want to look at but not the funds for any of them. Sure I could sell my camera on ebay to help fund the new one but really, who is going to want a camera you can't walk into a store and buy a memory stick for? I wouldn't feel right selling it.
One online friend said I should set up a site with my work asking for funds for my camera. I personally could not do something like that. Even if Hurricane Katrina hadn't hit. Its just not my style. But oh the thought of a new camera sure does have me brainstorming ways of getting my hands on one. I have clothes I could list on ebay but i already decided to donate them to the victoms who are staying here in the valley.
I guess we'll see what Santa leaves under the tree and go from there.
I mean really?? My camera is only 3 years old and I am stuck taking only 20 good pictures at one time. Any photogragher knows that just isn't enough.
I am a instant gratification kind of gal. I hate waiting for anything ;-)
So what do you do when you want a new toy and can''t get it right away?

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