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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Raise your hand if...

This is our newest dinner game. The kids each take turns saying raise your hand if
you like baseball
you love T
you want to go outside after dinner
you like milk
you love yourself
you are sick of star wars
you want a treat after dinner
you love grandma
you think Halloween is going to be fun
you could play xbox all day
you wnat to watch Ghost stories
you think this is daddys best chicken

And we all raise or don't raise our hands. How this started I am not exactly sure.
It use to be you're boy trapped or girl trapped. I have last year preschool to thank for the trapping game *rolleyes* Rarely is anyone girl trapped for we are WAY out numbered. This makes G and Wy giggle and say more than twice or even three times "JJ is boy trapped" "Mommy is boy trapped"
So I am happy we have moved on to the raising hand game.

Any games you play at the dinner table?

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