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Thursday, September 15, 2005


I once was a morning person. I loved my mornings,up while the sun was barely peeking over the horizon. Kids still sleeping. I would get my coffee and sit at the computer. Then we moved here in June 2004. I no longer had a job, I was pregnant and the kids didn't have any activities or friends. So we started sleeping in. Waking at 8-9 AM. It was heaven.
Now I have a 7 month old that thinks 5-6 AM is the perfect time to play and make as much noise as he can. Once he has the other kids awake hes satisfied and quiet again.
This is where the problem lies. I have realized that I could be a morning person again. But I can't handle the kids asking for things,simple things, like a frozen waffle or glass of milk before I have had time to sit here and sip coffee.
So I guess if I am going to do mornings I have to do them all the way and wake while the sun is barely up,all kids still sleeping. Just so I can get that cup of coffee in before my huckleberries start in with their multiple morning requests.
You with multiple children know what I am talking about. You give one a glass a milk, you end up giving them all milk. One asks for cereal, the next thing you know you are pouring multiple bowls. This really isn't a big deal unless your still half asleep. The crusties aren't even out of my eyes yet and the kids are hungry and asking all the questions I don't have the answers to. I try to explain my brain like a light switch to them. My brain is off and the only thing thats going to turn it on is a hot cup of coffee and a few minutes of silence.
So be silent huckleberries,silent untill mom finishes that first cup of sanity. Silence I said.

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