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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Being talked makes you feel like crap

I was walking up towards Wy's class and all the moms were standing about chit chatting. One mom was watching me walk up, leaned over and said something to another mom. I heard that mom say "how rude" and then laughed,still looking at me. Not trying to hide the fact they are talking about me.
It felt like highschool all over again. It really bothered me and I felt really uncomfortable waiting for Wy. But the longer I had to stand there and think the longer I had to realize it doesn't matter. What do I care if these two moms don't like me? I am not sure what could of been said, I barely know either of them. I thought about asking why they felt the need to talk about me but what would that accomplish? I thought about coming up with something witty to say but I couldn't. I thought about just asking her what she said but do I really want to know?
So I talked with the kids and greeted my Wy with a big smile and kiss. And at that moment all the negative feelings went away. I have my husband,my kids,my family,my friends and I don't need to be friends with those two rude moms. Just add them to the list of preschool moms I will avoid in the future.

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