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Sunday, September 18, 2005

I want it I want it I want it

No, its not one of the huckleberries throwing the fit,its me. I asked Mr. Fun "if I throw a tantrum, can i get it?" He said no. I am guessing since it doesn't work for them its not going to work for me. DARN IT!!
We went to Best Buy and I got to play with the cameras. I have decided that I want the Canon 20D. WOW! thats a camera! From what I could tell, pretty user friendly. I played with all the options. I just wish they would of let me put a CF card in it so I could take actual pictures.
I also played with the Nikon D70 and Canon Rebel XT. Both of those were also nice but I feel the 20D is the camera for me. So my quest is to find the cheapest price.

And my self control sucks,it really does. I had avoided Gymboree all weekend. Today I went to the mall,just T and I. Did you hear that? Just T and I. T slept 90% of the trip. I went to Gymboree and now I am counting down untill October so I can use my Gymbucks. Its an addiction.
Thank goodness Mr. Fun was with me when I wanted that camera or he may have had to fire me *wink*

If you were wondering, we never made it to Tucson this weekend. So no tat for Mr. Fun.

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