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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Its early,too early for a saturday morning. Had two Crown and pepsis last night. Hmmm? maybe thats why my stomach feels a bit queasy. Then again it could be the 4 hours of sleep. Either way I plan to drink coffee,lots of coffee. When the baby goes down for his morning nap, I am going with him.
We may be taking a drive down to Tucson today or tommorrow. Mr. Fun has found the tat he wants. So we are just waiting on the call from our tat artist to see if he will be in the shop. This will be our second trip where i leave without a tat. Just sort of disappointed. Had a friend say "thats why they make similac" Gotta admit that comment kind of hit a nerve. But I did let it slide off my back for I know breastfeeding the babe is a very small sacerfice in the long run. It would be nice if he would take a bottle of expressed milk though. But untill they invent a bottle made of skin with a forceful spray I think I am SOL!
Met an elderly nieghbor last night. She lives on the next street over. She was so sweet and just loved on my kids. It wasn't the creepy kind of sweet either. She thanked me for talking with her. I feel I should of been the one thanking her. Why?well because of two things she said.1~you look too young to have all these kids and 2~and look at your figure, you wouldn't know all these kids were yours. I could have kissed that sweet old lady. She made my night.
Speaking of nieghbors.Found out that our nieghbors house sold. That would make the 5th house in 6 months. The market is crazy right now. Theres no way we could afford our own house today.
And heres a story.
At 2:25 when I left to pick up the kids I noticed the brush part of a utilty broom in the rocks on our side yard. I thought "weird" but couldn't investigate more because I had to get the kids. We get back at 2:35 and the part of the broom is gone. I really just forgot all about it untill yesterday.
Our friend was over and told us this story.
He had picked up some stuff in his work truck, wanted to drop it at home but they are redoing the streets and he couldn't get his truck up to his house. He decided to drop it in our side yard while he returned his work truck. This was 2:05. By 2:25 someone had stolen everything but the brush of the broom. Took the broom handle but not the brush. He was back in his truck at 2:30 to discover everything was gone.
So to the asshole that stole all that stuff out of my yard in the light of day YOU SUCK!!!

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