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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It was our first monsoon

We had only lived in Arizona a couple months. We were still adjusting to the heat and living apart from Mr. Fun. I was on the computer surfing around to keep my sanity. It was late, 11pm and the storm was coming in strong. I heard the alarm chime and then I heard it beep and chime again. This all meaning a window or door had been open, shut and opened again. I get up with phone in hand. I am walking around the house checking on all the kids. I dial Mr. Funs cell and hes at work in San Diego . I tell him the story and he has me go to the alarm pad to see if I could tell which door or window had opened. Just as I am looking at it the patio french doors fly open.
I screamed so loud Mr. Fun was running across his office to dial 911. He wasn't thinking that I was in another state. I believe he felt a bit helpless at the time. He described it as the worst feeling.
But I composed myself pretty quickly and realized it was the wind.
The doors aren't hanging right so to lock the doors is a chore. Here I am 3-4 months pregnant 400 miles away from my husband and family. Our one and only friend at the time was out of town. I couldn't get the damn doors locked. I was cussing up my own storm. I decided to just put our chaise longue in front of the doors. I turn around to find Wy standing there and I screamed again. He cried, I cried. The lights flicker. The power goes out.........
Mr. Fun drove out that night. Loaded up on Red Bulls and snickers. He arrived around 4 am and I have never been so happy to see him.

Now you might think this would ruin the enjoyment thunder and lightening brings me.But its the oppipsite. With every monsoon this season I was more and more thankul to have Mr. Fun by my side. Monsoon season has come to end. I am already looking foward to next season.

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