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Sunday, September 25, 2005


I am convinced these will be T's first words. Theres 8 kids that play on this street often. 3 of them belong to me. We live on a semi dead end street. I say semi because our street doesn't go through,theres a block wall at the end. But you can turn right onto a street that leads back out to the main road.
The speed limit is 25 mph. This is too fast. I wish it was 15 mph. Anyways....
We do allow our kids to be in the street. They play wiffle ball,they ride their bikes,they toss a football and yes,they even cross the street while playing hide and go seek. But we have a safety concern. Cars whip up and down this street like they are trying to qualify. We always yell "CAR" whenwe see a car so the kids know. And even if our kids weren't allowed to play these games in the street kids are kids and they aren't always thinking. If a ball goes rolling out into the street 99.9 % of the time the kids stop. Theres always that chance that a kid isn't going to be thinking and some idiot driving over the speed limit is going to be coming around the corner. This is a nieghborhood and kids should be allowed to play. We have a small "caution,children at play sign" but sometimes cars either don't see it or don't care.
Last night we had an incident that still has me a bit fired up. A car came around the corner and was easily going 35 mph,easily. So i stepped out into the street. He slowed but didn't stop. There were 6 parents out at the time and we all yelled SLOW DOWN!! About 15 minutes later this guy comes back in a different car with a buddy,races up where we are,slams on his brakes and yells "the speed limit is 25,keep your fucking kids out of the street" First off,our kids weren't anywhere near the street when he came around that corner,thank goodness (they were actually in the house getting a treat)and second he was going over the speed limit. They take off while flipping us the bird. How immature can you get? I also wonder what he would say if he hit one on the kids because he was driving like an arrogant asshole?
We got to talking about contacting the city to get a sign put in. I came home and started researching them. Found out our city and many other cities don't recognize "cation,children at play" signs.Saying drivers disregaurd these signs and they give a false sense of security. Which I can see. So then I found a site about speed humps. They cost $1200 for one and the residents have to pay for it. Some streets you can't have one. Lots of regulations on speed humps. Being that our street is not a long street and has a brick wall at the end,i doubt our street will qualify. But I am still going to get signatures and send the petition in. If our street qualifies I will take donations and pay for it myself if I have to.
If you drive in a nieghborhood,how fast do you drive? Think about the kids that might live in the houses,that might be playing ball in the driveway or riding their bikes and dart out. Kids are not adults. We can tell them 1 billion times to look before crossing the street,don't run after the ball,let us get it and so on and theres always that chance they won't be thinking.

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