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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thoughts out loud

1~I drink way too much diet pepsi.
2~I snack too much.
3~I don't get to the gym enough.
4~I am obsessed with the Canon 20D and I don't even own it.
5~It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I filled up the burb.
6~T is 8 months (where did it go?). Happy eight months to baby girl also :)
7~I play with my picture software too late at night and then wonder what the hell the next morning.
8~I already want to do something different with my blog header,crazy, i know.
9~No matter how many times I tell my children not to do something they are going to do it.
10~I have this love/hate relationship with the sand out back.
11~I won't be making any new friends at the preschool this year.
12~I really need to call and make a new patient drs. appointment.
13~You don't have to put laundry away, kids can get dressed from a pile.
14~I want to add my email to my sidebar and can't figure it out.
15~I want to add video to my other blog and its just not working out.
16~I don't drink enough water.
17~Whenever one toilet breaks the other one has to act up,I'm currently in toilet hell. i'll spare ya the details.
18~I can't believe Wy is big enough to play T-ball.
19~I need to save a butt load of pics to CD.
20~I must organize the photos first.
21~My kids are so sensitive,makes me worry about them even more.
22~Banana pancakes for dinner are the best.
23~I have one broken hairclip I continue to use instead of buying a new one.
24~I believe I have bored all that read long enough.
25~I will leave you with some pictures from yesterday.

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