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Thursday, September 22, 2005

12~I really need to call and make a new patient drs. appointment.

We can cross that off my thoughts. I did it. I have an appointment on the 28th. The last three mornings I have woke up feeling like crap. Dizzy,upset tummy and overall just crappy. I am worried its my blood sugars. I haven't been checking them since T was about 3 months old. They were always fine so I figured the diabetes went away just like the other 3 times. But lately I have been feeling off,not 100%. And to top it off I am gaining weight. Honestly, thats what made me call more than anything. How vain is that? Maybe sttupid is a better word.



How freaking disappointing!!! I wanted more questions answered. I just have more questions now. Yes, we saw what was down the hatch but we don't know what it is or why its there. And why is it the guy from the stadium? Whats the connection? ARG!!
What about the numbers? What are they? And I am going to assume all but Walt from the raft are in fact dead??? So now I can't wait for next week.


Sometimes you have to laugh or you will regret any other actions

Last night we were out with the nieghbor. Wy wanted milk. I told him we were getting ready to go in and he could have some once we were inside. He comtinued to whine. I was trying to finish up my conversation but he wouldn't let up. So I got down on his level,gently held his chin and spoke directly to him in a very firm voice. If you go inside I will be in in two minutes and get you your milk. If you continue to scream at me you will not get any milk. He screamed through my conversation. So we get inside and hes screaming for milk. Mr. Fun starts the shower. I pry Wys clothes off while hes kicking and screaming. Mr. Fun picks him up and puts him in the shower but he won't stay. So Mr. Fun ends up in the shower with his clothes on. Wy fought dad through the whole process and I had to hold the shower doors closed. Luckily Mr. Fun and I could laugh during this because we both wanted to spank him and send the little shit straight to bed. Instead we calmed him down and gave him a little cranberry juice. Wy then fell asleep on daddys lap.
G's comment after this was over was "That hurt my head"
JJ's comment was "My ears are ringing now"

That is how loud and long he screamed and pitched a fit for. I am sure if anyone heard him they thought we were beating him. *sigh* I just hope he outgrows the whining and tantrums. I can just picture this tall skinny 16 year old screaming at me because I won't give him money for something.

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