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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I need a new hard drive

Its not my computer,its my brain. I screwed up big today. Mr. Fun said that he doesn't think I have ever been sooo fired before. He said that even if I reapply for the job he may not hire me.
The boys had their baseball/t-ball meetings today. We signed up months ago for the fall season. I recieved information from somewhere (either email or through the mail). I wrote this info in my calander.

I am thinking its 51st Street since Ave. is on the other side of town. Turns out there is no 51st Street and Union. So we are on a wild goose chase. Mr. Fun is just a little annoyed. He claims its at the same place its always at. So we end up back home,hunt down some emails and call the coach from last session. The meeting is at the place its always at but its not untill 3pm not 10am. We still weren't 100% sure about Wy's meeting. We drive all the way over at 11am and his meeting is at 2PM.
So tell me,where did I get this info from? Why did I write it down? I haven't a clue of where it came from. I was so proud of myself. I exclaimed on our way out the door at 9:40 that I had the information. Too bad it was the wrong information.

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