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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dear Ms. ultrasound tech

Yes, in the perfect world a stay at home mom without family or many friends in the same state could get a babysitter in less than 24 hours. Maybe you have forgotten its not the perfect world. This exam was ordered by my doctor as URGENT!! No, I do not wish to reschedule when my children aren't with me.
The next time you feel the need to tell me to get a babysitter before you have even experienced my children,think twice. I know my children and I know when they have to behave they will.
If you feel the need to sigh,roll your eyes and shake your head at me, do it behind my back. Now you have a written complaint against you. Won't look too good come review time, I hope.
Yes, I have not had a period in over a year due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sorry if you disagree with it and think I am "one of those". Whatever that means.
People like you should not have a career taking care of women that just may have children and breastfeed them.
I am not sorry that I brought my children,I'll do it again if I have to. My three year old was an angel, didn't make a peep. He sat in the chair,hands in lap and looked around. Not one question, not once did he try to get up or even talk to me.
My eight month old sat in his stroller snacking on his cheerios and made maybe five happy very soft coo sounds through the whole 20 minute exam.My children DID NOT interfere with the exam in any way, shape or form. You could barely tell they were there. So why did you not give me a towel to clean up or say have a nice day as you left the exam room? Why didn't you make eye contact with me on the way out?
Why did you feel the need to be such a condescending bitch?

Hope to see you again when I have all four of my children with me,
Mrs. Fun

Other than the bitch, everything went smoothly and hopefully I will get my test results sooner than later.

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