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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Number Three

If theres anything I miss about our house in San Diego it would be the mailbox.
You know the mailbox that sat on the edge of the yard,no locks,no key required. Just walk out in your jammies if you want to get the mail.
When we moved into this house we were left three mail keys. And for three days I haven't seen a darn one. We were down to one. The other two are long gone. Now it seems number three has joined them.
Of course everyone is blaming someone else for losing it. So the mail hasn't been checked in three days. I believe theres a package with my name on it locked away in that tiny silver box. So I have hunted high and low!! The last few times number three was lost it showed up in the dryer. Well, I did all the laundry yesterday and number three is still lost.
Tell me, if you were number three where would you be?

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