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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So now what?

The doctors office called twice today. The first one was bad news left on my machine. Who leaves bad news on a machine? So the second time they called I answered. This time it was good news.
My blood work all came back in the normal range. This means my blood sugars are stable, my iron isn't low and so on.
The news I recieved on my machine is that the ultrasound shows that I have some ovarian cysts and to call my ob/gyn. I don't have an ob/gyn with this insurance. Wish me luck on finding a good one.
But now I know why I am having the symptoms I am and the reason I feel the way I do.
I feel a little lost. I have always been healthy and never hit with such news. I did my research on the net. I found that this can be nothing and the cysts won't have to be removed. It could just go away all by itself. Then it could be the other extreme and be cancer.
So there is my update on me.

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