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Life ain't always beautiful but it's a beautiful ride...

Friday, October 14, 2005

My Life

Life is messy
Life is busy
Life is crazy
Life is hectic
Life is frustrating
Life is stressful

And I am still trying to enjoy the small stuff.

Kisses and hugs
Watching the sunset with friends
A Sleeping baby
A night out with the family
Swinging with the kids at the playground
Watching a baby experience grass for the first time
JJ buying her brothers a book at the book fair with her own money
Ben & Jerry's ice cream (okay maybe i've been enjoying this a bit too much)
The smell of clean kids in clean warm fresh out of the dryer jammies (YUM)
Holding hands with the man of my dreams
The ability to go from blonde to red in just a couple of hours
Jeans that make you look and feel skinnier than you are, must be that ice cream
Off for a 3 day weekend by the beach to slow life down by a gear or two.....

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