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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wheres the whiskey when you need it?

Perhaps I need a blog just for Wy and his tantrums. Again, i was faced with a battle that I had to fight. I couldn't close my eyes and pretend he wasn't screaming.
We were in public, a nice quiet store where his screams could be heard throughout.
I wanted to hide, I wanted to shut him up, I wanted to pretend he wasn't mine but a friend I was babysitting.
I had to have JJ carry T out with G following close behind. I carried him out,kicking,screaming,hitting. I wrestled him and finally got him buckled in the stroller. He fought his way out by the time we reached the burb. He then decided to run for it. I couldn't believe it. Hes never ran from me. I had to chase after him carrying T. I finally got him in the burb and he climbed into the front seat to try to get out. Hes smart like that, he knows the doors don't open from the inside in the back.
By this time I was over the top, I had lost my cool, I was so upset with him. I tried to buckle him but he kept kicking me. I took his shoes off but still couldn't get him buckled. I decided I would act as if I was driving off. I got the reaction I hoped for. He wanted to be buckled so I buckle him and he then starts to choke and threw up all over. Not because hes sick but because he had screamed so hard for so long.
And this after I had spent the afternoon with him at his school. We had such a fun time at the little carnival they put on. We played games, we talked and he was such a sweet well behaved little boy.
Then just 2 hours later..................all hell broke loose.

I got some dirty looks and some sympathatic smiles. One lady even asked if she could help. I wanted to crawl in a hole, I really did. I was so embarrased. My children just don't act like this, I don't allow it. HA HA!! Okay, JJ and G don't act this,niether one of them have ever acted out. They listen and behave, they are quiet when told to be. But then theres Wy, you say quiet he shows you how loud he can be. *sigh*

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