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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

Leanne is so nice she made a pink one! I am so excited!!
1~Had my follow up appointment for my cyst,very disappointing. i learned nothing new.
2~We gave T his first Huckleberry haircut and today I am mourning his baby hair :(
3~But he loks so darn cute, i think i'll get over it.
4~Theres no school tomorrow and that excites me to no end.
5~Still haven't decided what to with the room that is curently the office.
6~Mr. Fun was told by the DM that he would have his own store SOON!! How freakin' exciting is that?
7~I need to get organized quickly, i am fogettng way too many things.
8~G's practice got move and now its a 20 minute drive,UGH!!
9~Lazy Town chacarters trip me out, ever check out their legs?
10~Kennys new CD came out, i was at Taget at 9am Tuesday to buy it. Theres some CD's that I have to have and downloadng them from itunes just isn't enough.
11~Thinkng of leaving blogger,getting my own domain and starting a photoblog.
12~Not looking foward to my sonogram in two weeks. Hopefully I don't get the same tech (bitch)
13~I love Ben and I love Jerry ;)

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