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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The art of saving teeth

Not only did my filling fall out, I cracked the tooth above the gum line. So I have been referred to a periodontist for crown lengthening. If it can be done I follow up with an endodonist for a root canal. If the crown lengthenig can't be done and the tooth is cracked too far up then they will extract the tooth and I get the pleasure of getting my second bridge or my first implant. Either way,I see this sucking up Christmas money. I guess all i'll get is a painless tooth for Christmas. Won't hear me complaining either. I dread the dentist,even put it off. But once there I realize its not that bad. I've given birth 4 times,twice naturally. I can handle the dentist. I need to just suck it up.
Mr. Fun was able to have the kids while I went for my appointment. So that was a huge relief. He really comes through for me every time, gotta love him. Mr. Fun rocks.

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