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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I still haven't made that appointment for my tooth. I am calling today,I swear (clears throat)
2~I bought this Advent House Calander from Pottery Barn Kids. I love it! its so neat.

3~I often wish we lived in a small town.
4~I am still a bit pissy about the roast fiasco from yesterday.
5~I put the xbox away last night and I was still asked to play after school. I could scream!! This detox may be harder than i had thought.
6~I have two favorite coffee cups for the season.

7~Gary Allan is playing in Tuscon tomorrow night. I am so disappointed that we can't go. I really want to go. Its been over a year since we saw him.
8~I still own a wedding dress that I bought for a wedding that never happened.
9~I am loving our newest decoration and wish I could find some peguins to go with it.

10~I miss living close to my mom. I think she should move out here.
11~I am so excited to wrap presents but not looking foward to the help that will be offered,lol.
12~I am loving the heated seats in the truck,awwww,feels so good on the achey back.
13~I apologize for all typos but this is it what I am dealing with.

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