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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~i totally forgot today was Thursday
2~I am feeling much better,whew. Thanks for the well wishes.
3~Today is the last pratice for G and I am so happy!!!!!!!!
4~My house is still a wreck.
5~I have sooo much to do and not enough time to do it in.
6~I have lost three pounds so i ate lots of choclate last night.
7~My daughter cut her hair really short and I am having mixed emotions about it.
you can see the pictures here The Fun House
8~I really need new clothes but can't find anthing I like that looks good.
9~the top of this code is messed up and i don't care to fix it right now or maybe ever.
10~The meds i am on make me feel like puking so i eat more and it goes away just in time for me to take another pill.
11~I still haven't called about my tooth. maybe i should list the number and someone else can call for me. Mondays are good.
12~Sunday we are kicking butt and turning that office into a playroom. At least we better or I may lose it!!
13~i apologize for the boring 13 this week. my brain is fried and i must run to get Wy from school.
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