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Monday, December 19, 2005

~~Last night around 1am T rolled over in his sleep. Slamming his head into my mouth and snapping my bridge in half. I didn't sleep well after that. I woke up and started to say as many `S` words i could think of(minus the bad ones that popped in my head, had to keep it G rated). The kids got a good laugh out of it. Mom without a front tooth was fun for them. For me, it was terrifying. I called the dentist with fingers crossed. They had an opening at 10:30am. I was so excited.
My toothless self took the broken bridge and headed to the dentist not knowing what was in store for me.
$150 dollars and just 20 minutes later I walked out with my bridge recemented and a smile on my face :)
She says it could last 6 months or 2 years but I will need a new one some day. *sigh*
Thats all I need,more dental work.
But for now,it works and i swear i am calling to schedule my oral surgery this week.

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