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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~This is why a mother of three sick kids (I) shouldn't attempt to cook dinner after 2 nights of no sleep.

2~Have to take the burb in for something or other to keep the warranty intact. This should be interesting.
3~I love the show Meet the Barkers. Travis went to school with Mr. Fun. They played in the quad during lunch. Who knew they would be famous.
4~I have a fussy baby at my feet so I better hurry this up.
5~I drink way too much diet pepsi. trying to drink less.

6~My mom emailed me a newspaper article from 1976,I'll have to share it sometime.
7~Can't wait untill I can drink this more freely and more often. Sure could use a stiff one right now.

8~I am learning more and more about my camera everyday. Yesterday I had an aha moment.
9~Wet towels on the floor is a major pet peeve of mine.
10~Best snack on earth! I love dried mango. And its portable.

11~I think its crazy that postage is going up again.
12~I am praying that i don't get sick because these poor boys are miserable :(
13~My new favorite cereal.

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