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Friday, January 06, 2006

San Diego, Part 1

So the trip started off good. Happy and excited kids. Then we stopped and T didn't want to nurse. So we did what we had to do and back to driving we went. 20 minutes down the road, sure enough, T wants to nurse now. So we pull off the next exit. T nurses and off we go once again. Another hour and I notice G isn't looking too good. he said he was hot so we turned the air on. Another 10 minutes and I had a feeling he felt sick but he said he was okay. 15 minutes later he pukes. I'll spare you the details. Luckily he was just car sick. Hes fine now.
We made it to the beach today. Well, what was left of it. The storms last week washed all the sand away. It was still a lot of fun untill Wy did a header into the sand/water. We left after that.

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