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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mural Wall

PM tagged me. (not sure why my url is purple here,its black when i open it other places,oh well.)
Each tagged person is to add something to this Mural Wall and pass it on (preferably include your URL). Overlapping the graphics is OK. The image is a PNG file. Save, open and add your artwork. Please save-as ‘mural.png’ when finished and post to your blog tagging others. (It is preferable to leave the file as PNG rather than JPG so the quality won’t suffer over multiple edits.)

Add your URL (permalink to the post would be best) here:
3~Mrs. Fun

If you are #10, please leave a comment at with a link to the final mural. Hopefully this will branch out and various branches will eventually reach a 10th person and there will be a completed wall! It will be interesting to see the various final designs as they have travelled through the blog space.

I tag Tracy , Leanne and Carmi

Posted by Misti :: 4:57 PM :: 11 People having fun

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