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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Coming down off the party high

It seems my children were a little wore out from the party. All four of them took late naps. One always takes a nap, two ended up falling asleep after getting in trouble and being sent to their rooms, the fouth fell asleep eating kix on the couch.
Its 7 PM and they are all just starting to wake wanting to eat dinner. So who wants to put bets down on how late we'll be up tonight and how grumpy our morning is going to be? And don't forget Grandma left today after a week so tomorrow there won't be Grandma. Tomorrow will be a true Monday.
The cake and the pizza is gone so hopefully my weight loss journey can begin in full force. I was backing up pictures and ran across a belly pic when i was 3 months pregnant with #4. I looked better then than I do now. What a shame! So my goal is to look 3 months pregnant not 5.

and for the heck of it, heres my last belly pic ever. I was 38 weeks pregnant with T.

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