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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some of this, a lot of that.

I have been working on my list. Been a busy little bee. BUZZ BUZZ! I have accomplished 1,2,3,5,7,8,9 (inprogress~bought decoration,ordered cake), 10 (bought T's birthday presents)11(mom actually is helping a great deal with this) and 13.
WHEW!! Now to work on the rest of the list.

I was at the mall yesterday and people never cease to amaze me. A mom had a portable dvd player hooked up to the stroller for her son. I about died. Come on!!! Thats taking it a bit far in my opinion.
My boys are finally on the mend. Wy still has a very nasty sounding cough and is clingy and whiney. T also has that cough with a runny nose and is even more clingy than Wy.
G is back at school but fighting me every morning. He claims he doesn't have friends and they cut him out at circle time. Nobody wants to play with him. This breaks my heart. Hes a shy boy so I know that doesn't help matters. I just wish he could find one or two real good friends. Before winter break a little boy we'll call Mr. Brat took G's glasses off his face and then stepped on them. I asked if Mr. Brat got in trouble and G claims he got step one. Step one is basically a time out. I never recieved a note home about this incident. I feel I should have. The only reason I know about it is because G's glasses are now a bit bent. These glasses aren't cheap. Close to $300. I feel I deserve a note from the teacher when something like this happens.
Theres also the issue with reading. He doesn't want to learn. Not with us at home anways. Whenever its time to have him read the books he shuts down. Hides his face and whines something about not knowing how to read. I have tried different approaches to this and all get the same result. I know he could be reading by now if he would let me help him.
So anyways, I am at a loss at how to deal with this child.Tough Love comes to mind. Yesterday in my heart I wanted to let him stay home but I knew in my mind I couldn't. If I had then today would of been even more of a fight to get him dressed and out the door. Conferences are next month. I am hoping to get some insight from the teacher then. I am not too pleased with his teacher. Shes nice,seems good with the kids but shes not approachable on my end.

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