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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Registration, already?

Thats right folks, preschool registration for the 2006-2007 school year is upon us. I can't believe it. Now for the decision making. Do we want 3 days a week or 4 days a week? I really want mornings but i've heard it fills up and people actually wait in line overnight to get a spot. Thats just crazy. I refuse to stand in line overnight for mornings. If thats the case, its afternoons again. Afternoons leave me rushed on the preschool days so I was hoping next year would be different. I was hoping for mornings so I would get that full three hours to run errands, workout, have coffee with friends. A little me time with a bit of T, of course.
But if we get afternoons again, so be it.
So here I sit pondering 3 day, 4 day. 4 day or 3 day? What to do. G went 4 days last year and I loved it. So did he. I also think Wy would love 4 day. I think its a good transition to kindergarten. K is full day here and I think the 4 day helps with the transition. Though I could be wrong since G is still adjusting and we are half way through the school year. WOW!! is it really already half over? Even more so I think. Only 4 month left.

Then theres the cost...... 3 day is $210 and 4 day is $270. Thats a $60 difference. (aren't you glad I did that simple math for you? ) You know what I could do with an extra $60 a month, can you say Starbucks. *kidding* Well, kind of kidding.
And of course Mr. Fun isn't much help on this. He says either way is fine with him. I also asked the other moms what they were doing and most are doing 4 day afternoons. Only one wanted 4 day morning and one was going for 3 day afternoon.
Forms are due this week so I have another day to think about this.
4 day, 3 day??? that is the question.

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