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Friday, February 03, 2006

Who does that?

I grew up LDS. My highschool year I attended seminary and went to church. So when my best friend(who is LDS) had missionaries call me, I kept an open mind. They called but we weren't home. They stopped by once and I explained that right now isn't a good time and I wrote their number down.Told them I would be in touch when things calmed down. I hadn't said anything to Mr. Fun about this either because he has been so busy. When we do have time to talk without four other voices interrupting every thirty seconds other things were talked about.
So fast foward to yesterday. I had just gotten T down for a nap. I was sitting on the couch watching cartoons with Wy eating my lunch. I see the missionaries through the cracks of the blinds in the playroom. I have them so you can see out but they can't see in. So I explained to Wy that there was going to be a knock on the door but we weren't going to answer it. I didn't feel like talking and explaining again that Mr. Fun wasn't home, the baby is finally asleep, I am eating lunch and blah blah blah.So much easier to let them think we aren't home.
They rang the doorbell as I hoped it wouldn't wake T. They knock very hard and loud on the door. Then 30 seconds later, are you ready for this? ...................................
They OPENED my front door. Yes, they did. I sat there with my mouth hanging open in shock. The first(yes, the first meaning they did it more than once) time they only opened it a smidge. They then pulled it closed and opened it far enough that our alarmed chimed, they then pulled it closed very quickly.
That leaves me wondering what they would have done if our alarm wasn't set to chime every time a door opens. What if I really wasn't home and the alarm was set? It would of went off, blaring loud enough for the nieghbors to hear.
I was very put off by this. Who opens a door to a house that you know nothing about?
I was telling Mr. Fun about this last night and he said they are lucky he wasn't home for they would of had a gun in their face.
He was quite worked up about it. I don't blame him but I explained that I wasn't scared because I knew who it was, thankfully.
But still, who does that?

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