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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~Mr. Fun finally ordered me my personalized plates for the burb. WOOHOO!! Can't wait to get them.
2~I have decided that Wy will be going three days a week next year and i will stand in line to get a morning spot,if needed.
3~T went to sleep last night without nursing.
4~I didn't do the dishes after dinner last night. I sure do regret that. But Mr. Fun wanted to go to Target. I never pass up a shopping trip, ever!
5~It was 87 degrees here and we were out most of the day. I do love living here, now if it wasn't so dusty. We seriously need rain.
6~mmmmm,yum! this coffee hits the spot.I didn't like coffee untill after JJ was born. My mother in law bought me a mocha from Starbucks at the airport. The rest is history.
7~Still struggling with losing weight. Its only 7-10 lbs. But I look in the mirror and its not what I am used to seeing.I don't feel comfy in my own skin right now.
8~I love hiking but haven't yet gone this year.
9~I often wonder what life would be like with only two kids. We were done after two. And once you have three you might as well have four.*wink*
10~I am hoping to get a new dishwasher soon, ours sucks to say the least. A new oven/stove would be nice too. But thats not gong to happen.
11~That laundry from last week is now sitting on my dresser waiting to be put away. My poor kids are running out of clothes.
12~I am currently frustrated with my camera. I am having the worst luck with color. But I am still learning.
13~My next purchase for my camera will be a simple lens hood.

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