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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boom Boom Choo Choo Train, watch Mrs. Fun do her thang..

Mrs. Fun~ I can't
Huckleberries~ Why not?
Mrs. Fun~ Because I can't
Huckleberries~ Why not?
Mrs. Fun ~ Because my back is aching, my shoes are too tight and my hips are shaking from my left to my right.

This is a game the huckleberries and I play now and again. They get a kick out of it. We usually go around to each person untill one of the boys start to act too silly. Then its time to call it quits.
Last night as I was walking T in the hallway at 2 am I kept singing this song as my hips were shaking from my left to my right so desperately hoping he would fall asleep. And this brings us back to weaning the boob monster. See, if I would of just nursed him I would of been sleeping. Instead I was up walking the halls singing a silly song. I tried to let him fuss in his bed but he woke Wy and G. So after getting them settled I was left walking the halls. After three hours of what I call "mommy torture" I nursed him. Finally at 3 am I crawled under the covers, snuggled up to Mr. Fun. I barely had time to dream when I hear pitter patter pitter patter coming down the hallway. I hoped they would stop in the living room and sleep on the couch. No such luck. My feet warmer, G had arrived in bed. *sigh*
So this morning coffee is extra strong.

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