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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dreams........bizarre dreams.

So last night a had a dream about another blogger. Carmen is her name. I read her blog daily. I enjoy it because she has six kids and if she can do six. I can do four. Though i recently found out that she is much more organized than I am. I need to work on that,still.
So back to the dream. She, her hubby and six kids came to visit me, my hubby and 5 kids.(yikes, i had five kids in my dream) They arrived and we quickly decided that we were going to go through the drive-thru and get lunch to eat at the park. The kids could run wild and we could chat. Our hubbys were no longer in the dream. Sure they were off having a beer watching some sporting event.
This is where the dream gets weird. We ended up in another country lost on a windy road filled with lobsters. The older kids were annoyed that we were lost and the younger kids were whiney and bored.
We finally came across this hotel and decided that we should get a room and feed the kids. The next thing I remember is the hubbys were with us again and we were on the beach drinking margaritas.
So what does that dream mean? And why did i dream about a blogger i've never met, chatted with or emailed. I don't even think she reads my blog. So why oh why? Maybe she should be scared,lol. I woke up and had to make sure I only had four kids, the dream was so real and vivid.

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