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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I do not like animals at all. I don't mind them if they keep to themselves and at the zoo. My children will never have a pet with fur. Poor kids :(
2~I stay up way too late and really need to try to get to bed earlier.
3~I ate my daughters chocolate without asking, does that make me a bad mom? She doesn't miss it.
4~We have a forecast of rain on Saturday. I am hoping we get it. I really want it to rain to help with the dust.
5~I don't understand why people insist on taking their dogs shopping with them. (and i am not talking about the guide dogs,duh)
6~The kids have dentist appiontments today. OI! I am so nervous. G is going to freak like he always does. I feel so bad for their dentsist. Shes so nice about it tho.
7~I am a retail widow :( Mr. Fun worked 18 hours yesterday. So that means I worked 18 hours. And 15 hours the day before. Today I am hoping for a 12 hour day. No, i'm not holding my breathe.
8~I am not happy with JJ's costume for her recital. Not pleased in the least bit. But i still wrote the check to pay for it *rolleyes*
9~I ran over a water gun yesterday and the boys thought it was so cool, silly boys.
10~I don't play the lotto.
11~I didn't take one single picture yesterday.(please pick yourself up off the floor,theres more)
12~I am still struggling with the weaning. T doesn't ask for it during the day anymore. Night is a different story.
13~ I am a VERY light sleeper. Not a good thing when your wonderful hubby gets up so you can get some extra sleep. Its not even worth it. If my kids are awake,i'm awake.
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