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Friday, March 03, 2006

Tonights the night

I am waiting for Mr. Fun to get home. Once he does I am out the door. I am going to swing by the preschool and check out the line for registration. There was nine extra students for the morning four day fours. When I stopped by Thursday afternoon I was told that if I don't get the four day mornings I will get in the three day mornings.
So tonight i'll swing by and see how the line looks. If theres already twenty people,no need to stay. Its first come first serve. Theres twenty spots open. So why sit in line for second choice that I was already told I had if I didn't get my first choice.
I really wanted four day mornings but three days will work and it is sixty dollars cheaper a month.

The more I think about this the crazier I think it is. This is for preschool. These parents started lining up around dinner time. I don't get it. Why not wait untill morning?

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