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Friday, March 10, 2006

Never assume

T was sitting in the kitchen playing with the leapster. I could still hear the leapster so I figured he was still sitting in the kitchen. Boy was I wrong. I walk in the kitchen and its JJ standing there playing the leapster.I asked where T was, nobody knew so we split up to find him. He was in the kids bathroom. Washcloth soaked in toilet water cleaning the bathroom floor. Yep, thats my water boy. He loves water and will play in any water he can find. The toilet however seems to be a favorite for whatever reason.
So of course I got upset because I can't count how many time I have told, begged, yelled for the kids to put the toilet seat down and close the bathroom door.

So now I have a clean bathroom, clean baby and rugs are washing. So theres the positive in a negative situation that almost ruined my morning.

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