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Life ain't always beautiful but it's a beautiful ride...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ten years and counting

It seems like yesterday Mr.Fun and I were standing at the alter saying "I DO".
It has been such a fun ride. Full of surprises,some hard times and a lot of laughs.
I thought I had found love before meeting Mr. Fun but he proved me wrong. He knocked me off my feet. He made me shine everytime we were together. He claims I am his dream girl and I still blush when he tells me this. He has always made me feel special, sexy, loved and wanted. I couldn't be luckier, I couldn't ask for a better marriage. It is everything I dreamed it would be. Sometimes I want to pinch myself.

I love you Mr. Fun. Thank you for the greatest ten years and heres to making the next ten even better.
j and m

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