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Monday, April 03, 2006

I have four kids

OH my hell, I have FOUR kids. Lately I have been freaking out a little bit about the number of children I have. Why now? Not sure. Maybe because they are growing up and becoming their own persons with their one little opinions and their own little attitudes. What are they going to be like as teenagers? I wonder if they are going to be good kids or am I and the principle going to be on a first name basis?
Not sure why now of all times I started to think about this. But I have and I plan to quit as soon as I write it all out.
While in Vegas I noticed a lot of families. I however did not notice a single family of six. Three kids was the max number of children I noticed. So why is that? Is three really that much easier than four? I can see stopping at two, that was my plan. And after three I was also done because I really only wanted two. But some higher power thought four was the magic number for us. So far it's been fun. They keep us busy but it's a good busy. But whats going to happen when I have four kids in activities and two or more need to be at two different places at the same time. I know I shouldn't even be thinking about this and it's so far in the future it's pointless to stress. So I am wiping my hands of this subject. If others can do six plus children, I can do four. Can't I?
And on that note, self doubt is a powerful thing.

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