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Monday, March 27, 2006

Theres nothing like a good bag....I mean GREAT bag.

I looked high and low for many years. Then I found the perfect diaper bag. It will hold anything and everything you need it to. I fit enough snacks and crap for four kids,my camera,wallet and still have room for more. With all this stuff you might think the bag would be bulky and hard to carry but you would be wrong. I carry it with ease. I open it and with what I find quiets the crying baby. I open it again to stop the whining preschooler. Once again, I open it and the tugging on my shirt stops. Then theres always enough change in the bottom for a good cup of coffee. Maybe it should be called "The Happy Mom Bag". It sure makes me happy.
It stays upright,its water proof, it cleans up easily, the pad rolls up into its own little pocket and its super cute. I love this bag. So if you are looking for a good,big bag that doesn't feel big, I would recommend this one in a heartbeat.
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