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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~ Its 1:27 AM on Thursday and I awake b/c a certian 14 month old is awake. He seems to think its 6:27 Am on Thursday.
2~I am afraid of moths. I scream like a school girl when I see one.
3~I have killed a spider with my fingers.
4~I am still going to the gym everyday my schedules permits (5-6 days a week)
5~Mr. Fun asked if I was going back to work after the kids are in school fulltime, thinking not.
6~Hopefully by then I can make a business out of photography.
7~But I still have a loooooooonnnnnnggggg way to go before that can happen.
8~Today we are back on the "we will add on to the house instead of moving" plan.
9~I am loving the new show "Big Love" LOVE IT!!
10~Thursdays are really busy days for me, I miss doing TT weekly.
11~I was deblogged rolled from the TT blogroll, so sad. But whatcha gonna do? So I took the TT blogroll off. Maybe i'll put it back up for the heck of it. And if I was cool I would figure out how to do the automatic link thingy. Now thats cool.
12~That certian 14 month old from #1 is starting to fade, I may get some sleep afterall.
13~I am curiously hungry now.
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