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Friday, April 21, 2006

Loving your children for who and what they are isn't always easy

Last night I opted to stay home with T. I wasn't up to going to the ballgame. So Mr. Fun took the three older kids and invited his best friend and his daughter to go. Didn't want my ticket going to waste. They got home around 9PM and Wy was being Wy *sigh*. Lately I feel that I have lost my control on him. He doesn't listen, he's stubborn, he screams untill hes just about to throw up and nothing I do or say will stop him before he gets to that point.
I don't know exactly how to parent this child. I find something that seems to be working and a couple weeks in he decides that so said punishment doesn't phase him. The only thing that seems to work is takig XBOX away. Well, thats not fair to his brother who only gets to play it on weekends,anyhow. Taking away his toys seems to work but again his toys are his brothers toys. So I am punishing G when G hasn't done anything wrong.
So back to last night. I guess he wasn't a very good listener at the game and it continued when he got home.I did not give in but that doesn't make a difference, he's still going to be a challenge. Already this morning I had to walk away from him . I really want to turn and scream right back at him but what good will that do? Might make me feel better untill the guilt sets in for being a freakin moronic mom.So I walk away but that doesn't help the situation either because he follows me screaming louder.
My other children can take no for the final answer. My other children will do what they are told. They aren't always happy about it and they may fold their arms and pout but thats okay. I can handle their reactions. Wy's reaction is always over the top. Always full drama.
Heres a list of the daily struggles I have with him
~getting dressed
~putting shoes on
~eating breakfast
~going to the bathroom without me in their with him
~not drinking 5 glasses of milk a day (2 is plenty then he needs to drink water)
~picking up his toys or crayons and coloring books
~eating lunch
~going anywhere but school
~eating lunch
~getting out of the bath
~putting a pull up on or going to the bathroom before bed (he has his choice and chooses to do niether)
~and anything else I ask or tell him to do. Any request is followed with a whiney "I don't want to"
So I am exhausted and I have a feeling of desperation. His preschool teachers and all the moms that volunteer say he's so well behaved and the sweetest boy ever. This I am thankful for. But it is so embarrassing when he acts out in public and I have to drag his screaming self out of a store while trying not to drop T. Luckily this doesn't happen often but it happens.
When we are having a really bad day I feel like I am the wicked witch of the east and someone just poured water on me........I'm melting.........I don't want to fight with him all the time.........I just want him to take what I say as the final answer and move on..........I want to enjoy his childhood.........I don't want to dread him.............I love him for who he is but I want to enjoy him ...............

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