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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Frustration has set in and fear has said hello.

My lovely husband,most of you know him as Mr. Fun, has had his co-workers asking about my pictures. They want me to take photos of them. Yes, you heard that right. With this news comes fear. I have taken pictures for friends and a gazilion pictures of my kids.
Am I ready for strangers? I don't know.
I was in a funk for about a month. Now I have the itch to photograph every little moment. So I have been practicing manual and then comes time to edit and thats when the frustration comes. My color is always off, ALWAYS! I have to edit and edit some more to get it almost right. Well, my friends, almost doesn't count in photography.
Then comes the issue that my screen isn't calibrated and it's a laptop. Heard you can't calibrate laptops. PLEASE correct me if i'm wrong. Go ahead, i'll be reading.

The door is opening up and behind it is my dream job. Part of me feels giddy, the other part wants to slam it shut,lock it and put the key away for later.

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