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Saturday, April 29, 2006

What the hell is wrong with these people??

*picking jaw up off the floor, talking a shot of whiskey*(but not really it's 10am,lol) I am all hyped up by this and I am second guessing myself posting this and giving this evil more attention. But here goes.

I was over at the The Martin Times and ran accross a post about this Sick,demented,sick,disgusting Woman. It takes a while to load but I encourage you to take the time to watch it.
How do these people sleep at night? How do they look in the mirror and feel good about themselves? The church is a Baptist Church that's not related to mainstream Baptist, it has *almost* a hundred members and 80% of those members are related. The thought of this cult(yes, I say cult because its not a church,thats a disguise) growing scares the hell out of me. It makes me aware of the evil in this world and the fact that it comes in all forms.
I feel sadness and pain for these families that are trying to grieve and say goodbye to their loved ones. Then have to deal with protesters that have no business doing what they are doing. Yes, it's a free country, it is their right but then again........ What I also would like to know... what are they getting out of this? What do they hope to accomplish by doing this? Are they hoping to recruit some of these families by protesting outside these funerals?

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